Our Mission

The Keyline Group are committed to help you and your organisation transition into a contributing global partner for a sustained, equitable and ethical future.


The Keyline Group enhance the ability of its partners to make an impact. Our work is characterised by the delivery of practical options to resolve complex problems within highly political landscapes.  We intervene at the most strategic point within a system, we assist the organisations we work with to achieve social, environmental and economic value through a considered approach to systemic change. 

We are committed to embedding knowledge and enabling skills transfer with our clients. Our preferred relationship is one of a trusted partner, where we are both able to deepen our expertise and understanding of a situation or system together. This is particularly relevant when working in co-creation and adaptive management methodologies.

The 'systems' approach

The Keyline Group's 'systems' approach understands the importance of leadership, communication and collaboration, as well as the use of research and evaluation.

This systems view cuts across silos of activity and is an essential component of the support that we provide.

Michael Reid,   The Keyline Group

Michael Reid, The Keyline Group